09 November 2008


Well we've had a very confusing day in Macau. After being in the real Venice in August we have spent the day at the Venetian a copy of the Las Vegas casino copy of Venice. All very odd!

When we were in the real Venice our hotel was directly behind this building . . .

We couldn't afford to go to the real Cafe Florian in Venice but the Cafe Florian at the Venetian Macau had some wonderful cakes and beverages at much cheaper prices! it was also less smelly and with fewer pigeons!

We spent our last few Macau Patacas having cocktails at the Bellini Lounge with a pianist playing and the fruit machines jangling. Unfortunately we haven't won big at the casino, although we did have a bit of a payout on a Chinese fruit machine. It was very confusing as all the buttons, reels and instructions were in Mandarin. We didn't understand what on earth was going on but still managed to win 30 Patacas, but then I lost it on a dice game called Sic Bo.
Off to Bangkok next if I can manage another night in the smallest hovel, sorry, hostel I have ever stayed in! Looking forward to slightly better digs in Bangkok, I think my inner traveller has gone a bit soft.

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