28 February 2010

The fun stops here

We can't believe that we've been back in the UK for a whole month already, the time has really flown by. It's taken a little while to recover from reverse culture shock but were slowly returning to normal after 15 months of living out of a backpack. England feels so quiet, clean expensive and cold now we're back.

When we first got back we had a few days staying with my parents before we headed down to Torquay to spend some time with Liz's family. After two weeks of living with our parents we finally moved back into our flat in Birmingham city centre on the 15th February. It's nice to have our own space again after spending more than our fair share of time in some pretty grotty accommodation.

The question we've been asked most is ... is it nice to be back home? The honest answer is no, not really! It's been great to see everyone again and catch up but this miserable English weather really isn't helping much, it feels as if our tans have disappeared already. The sunshine of Goa seems a very long way away.

The other thing people always want to know is what were our favourite countries that we visited. Three places stand out ...

Laos - a really beautiful unspoilt country with great scenery, people and (thanks to the French influence) food.Plus it gets a bonus point for Beer Laos, the best beer we had on our travels!

Egypt - Has something for everyone. The ancient sites were just stunning, the beaches great and the hookah are cheap!

Nepal - Crazy Kathmandu and the stunning Himalaya

Our jaunting officially ends today, for tomorrow we return to the real world of work. Before we sign off we just want to say thank you to everyone who's took the time to read our rantings and kept in touch whilst we've been away. Bye for now, Simon & Liz.