17 November 2008

Jim Thompson's House and the Weekend Market

After a very subdued Saturday, due to the funeral of the Kings of Thailand's Sister, we headed off out to Jim Thompson's house by tuk tuk. This is a beautiful teak house built by the man himself in the Thai style and filled with Southeast Asian art. Jim Thompson was an American who loved Thailand and decided to make it his home after serving in the Office of Strategic Services in World War 2. He promoted Thai arts and culture and started an international trade in Thai silk. What happened to Jim Thompson is a bit of a mystery as he disappeared in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia in 1967 never to be seen again! The house was a very pretty spot and also had some great fish ponds. One contained a sting ray that was so big it took us a while to spot as it was taking up so much of the floor!

Then we got the sky train over to the Chatuchak huge weekend market. You could buy just about anything you might ever want and a few things you night not. In the pet section we saw hedgehogs and squirrels as well as your normal kittens and puppies. The squirrels looked very annoyed to have knitted bonnets on, but unfortunately photography of the squirrels wasn't allowed so you will have to imagine that picture. Si has now honed his bargaining skills and we had a long tuk tuk ride back for 3 pounds. Last night was our last in Bangkok, we've had a great time here and today we fly to Vietnam.

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