17 November 2008

Some random stuff to end our first stay in Bangkok

When you are away from home it's not always the big differences that make you double take.

Back home you would usually find big plastic Ronald McDonald greeting you with a wave outside of most McDonald's restaurants. Here instead you are met with a traditional Thai wai . . .

I think it's rather nice.

Whilst we are on the subject of food below you will find a few of the more unusual things to eat that we have found - including various bugs, frogs and dried squid.

We're not sure if exactly what you have to do with the dried squid, re-hydrate it or if you nibble it as it is.

Top celeb spot for Anne. We saw one of the Hairy Bikers on the Khao San Road.

I'm not even going to comment about this next one . . .

And finally a warning that everyone should heed . . .


  1. Top celeb spot, even better than your Sideshow Bob!!

  2. Pray tell, how does one spot a fake monk these days?