26 September 2008

Recovery, Resignations, Renting and a Wedding Report

Liz has been really ill over the last couple of weeks and we were potentially going to have to delay our trip. However; she’s making good progress and is now well on the road to recovery (a big thank-you to those of you who've send cards and flowers). Hopefully we’ll still be able to depart for Hong Kong on the 2nd November.

Despite Liz’s illness it feels that we are rapidly approaching the point of no return for the trip. This morning I resigned from my job at TRW as the company no longer offer sabbaticals or career breaks. Liz is in the fortunate position that BCTU are keeping her job open. So as of today I have 4 weeks of work left (my last day at work will be 24th October) which is a slightly scary thought.

We’ve also managed to rent our flat out. We were really amazed at how quickly it went. With all the talk of the credit crunch and financial meltdown we weren’t sure how buoyant the rental market was going to be. However; we needn’t have worried as we had 10 enquiries within 2 days of it going on the market and the first person who saw it took it. . . maybe we should have put it on for more money!

Our last day at home is also going to be 24th October. We’re then going to be down in Torquay for a few days so Liz can see all her friends and family before we come back up to the Midlands on Wednesday 29th October and spend the last few days at my Mom & Dads house.

One final update is that we’ve had a little piece about our wedding in one of the local papers. My sister was kind enough to send a picture and a small write-up in which was published a couple of weeks ago. It’s just like being in a less glamorous version of Hello magazine . . . wonder how much we should charge for the deal!!!