09 November 2008

Augusters Cupboard . . . Lodge

Before we came away Liz was laying down the challenge that she would be a far more hard core traveller than I would because she had done this sort of thing before.

Well after our 3 star luxury of Hong Kong we arrived at Augusters Lodge in Macau. We instantly found out who the hard core traveller was . . . and it wasn't the wife.

To say that Augusters is small is a bit of an under statement. When the Lonely Planet describes something as "tiny" you had better belive them. In our lovely window less, flourescently lit bedroom there is barely room to open and close the door when our bags are in there. . . it's a good job we have a bunk bed!

It could be worse though, the owner laughingly showed me what he called his V.I.P sleeping quarters - two fold out camp beds in the hall/reception, right outside our bedroom door.

Personally I dont want to sound too down on Augusters Lodge as at the end of the day it's cheap accomodation, it's clean and the owner is really friendly. But then again it may just be that I'm a hard core traveller

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