09 November 2008

Macau or Vegas . . . We can't tell!

On Friday we caught the jet foil boat from Hong Kong to Macau. The journey only took just under an hour.

Macau is a former Portuguese colony much like Hong Kong was for the British. The best way to describe it now is as the Las Vegas of the Orient. In fact a lot of the big Vegas casinos also have places over here. Macau is the only place in the whole of China where gambling is legal. In the evenings and at weekends the Chinese flood into the place and gamble away their hard earned yuan.

The atmosphere felt really different to Vegas. Over there it's as much about the shows and the entertainment as it is the gambling. In Macau it feels more like for the majority of the people it's only about the throw of the dice or turn of a card.

The pick of the casinos for us was the Sands and the Venetian. Its not very often that you will find something done bigger than in Vegas but the Venetian in Macau is absolutely colossal.

This is one of the side entrances!

Apparently it's the Worlds largest casino (3 times bigger than the one in Vegas) and is big enough to contain 90 Boeing 747 Jumbo Jets. Whilst we were there the Venetian was hosting the Miss International Beauty Pageant (a bit like Miss World) which meant that the place was jammed full lovely ladies. This travelling lark ain't half tough on a bloke!
We liked the Sands casino mainly for their house band. They were a really talented bunch of musicians who managed to pull off a cover of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody without it sounding cack! A rare feat indeed!

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