29 January 2009

Yet another train journey from hell

We had mistakenly thought that when we got back onto the main train line at Thazi, which runs between Yangon and Mandalay, that it would become more sensible. However, as we soon found out, we were quite wrong.

The train we were catching was laughingly called the Yangon "express" and should have taken us meerly 10 hours to go the 350 odd kilometers from Thazi to Bago. Thanks to numerous breakdowns of the train (and subsequently a number of the passengers) it only took us 15 hours! We have now given up all hope of using Myanmar Railways again. Our advice to anyone who wants to travel long distance overland in Myanmar is don't bother. . . fly instead and keep your sanity!

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  1. I am so so so glad I stumbled upon your bog! WOW, ur living me dream, Im so inspired! Thanks so much for documenting ur journey guys, I always tell myself I will and I dont!! Come and see me when your in India! =)

    Lots of good, warm wishes!
    Purple Violet