03 January 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Even though we are a few days late we just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year for 2009.

The week between Christmas and new year has been really relaxing. We've mainly been just lounging by the pool or on the beach to recharge the batteries.

New years eve night was fantastic. There was an absolutely massive party on the beach, far bigger than the one for Christmas Eve. There must have been somewhere between ten and fifteen thousand people there and about 20 different sound systems and clubs set up.

For some strange reason the most popular way to have a drink on the island is from a bucket! For your money you get a small plastic bucket full of ice, a hand full of straws, a couple of cans of mixer and a quarter of a litre of spirit . . . oh plus the obligatory can of Red Bull! It's not really what you would call a subtle drink, but 6 quid for a bucket of gin and tonic (and Red Bull) is certainly good value for money!

On new years day we had a little visitor to our bungalow garden; this lovely little bat who hung for the day on a palm leaf outside of or door. Probably nursing a hangover too!

Yesterday (2nd January) we caught the boat over to Koh Samui where we'll be spending the next few days. Thankfully the half hour crossing was a lot calmer than when we caught the boat over from the mainland to Koh Phangan. We're staying in a resort called Chaweng which is the main town on the island and has a completely different atmosphere to Hat Rin on Koh Phangan. Over there it was definitely a more rough and ready backpacker type place where here it's more of a package tour resort . . . which means that everything is twice as expensive - no more buckets of gin! We may even have to resort to ordering drinks from an old VW camper van . . .

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  1. Happy New Year guys. Looks like you're having an amazing trip so far.
    It's probably too far but I thought I'd let you know that I'm DJing in Jakarta on Jan 23rd. How cool would it be if you could be there?!!
    Take care