18 January 2009


Bagan is probably the main reason for us wanting to come to Myanmar.
The Bagan Archaeological Zone is 42sq-km plane that contains over 3000
ancient temples, most of which date from the 10th to 13th century.
Over a period of about 230 years the Kings of Bagan reportedly built
4446 temples. The Lonely Planet describes the scene as being like "all
of the medieval cathedrals of Europe sitting on Manhattan island - and
then some". It's thought that the Bagan was abandoned at the end of
the 13th century when the Mongols of Kubli Khan sacked the city and
the Bamar kings moved their capital to Sagaing then Inwa.

Bagan is supposedly one of the few ancient sights that can rival
Angkor Wat in Cambodia, which is the most amazing place that we've
been to, so we thought we would have to give it a go

The temple hopping was going to have to wait for 24 hours though.
After Liz's few days of being ill and the horror that was the
night(mare) train to Bagan we needed a bit of luxury and pampering. So
we hopped on a horse and cart and made our way over to the Bagan River
View Hotel in Old Bagan where for the price of a drink at their pool
side bar you can enjoy the facilities of their 4 star hotel.

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