29 January 2009

Bago's bigger Buddhas

Bago town appears to be on a quest to have more religious monuments per square foot than any other town in Myanmar. Most towns here have a lot, Bago has an extraordinary amount. However, it's not just the quantity that counts in Bago, it's also the size.

There's giant sleeping Buddhas, giant seated Buddhas, fields full of Buddhas, giant temples, giant stupas, stupas with tunnels full of Buddhas . . . You get the idea. We even went to a temple with a giant 118 year old boa constrictor.

We have a little bit of advice for anyone who finds themselves in Bago and is tempted to stay at the Bago Star Hotel by the lure of their swimming pool . . . Dudley canal may have cleaner water. The rest of the hotel is really nice though!

Our next stop was going to be a place called Golden Rock which is about 120km away in the opposite direction to Yangon. It would have been at minimum a 6 hour round to spend an hour at the site. However, after the hassle of the travel since we left Inle Lake we've decided to knock it on the head and go back to Yangon a day early. The thought of going 120km in the wrong direction is psychologically too damaging!

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