29 January 2009

An unexpected trip to the Thazi!

Ruby at the Winner Hotel may have possibly been the nicest person on the planet but she can't be trusted to tell the time! All the trains from Thazi leave between 8 and 10 in the morning. . . not the afternoon.

This lead to us being stuck in Thazi for the evening. How can I best describe Thazi? Well, it appears to consist of a railway junction and two streets. That's about it. I don't think it will ever win most beautiful town in Myanmar, in fact it would probably struggle in the most beautiful railway junction competition.

The owners of the guesthouse where we are staying, Moon Light Guesthouse, are clearly barking. When we arrived it was 30 degrees in the shade and they were huddled around the electric fire! Also on the wall is a fantastic chart entitled "the food that shouldn't eat together". Included are culinary pairings such as; frog and mushroom, chicken and Indian trumpet, duck egg and water melon, cucumber and ice lolly, and my favourite and no doubt yours too. . . gourd and parrot!

Irrespective of how mad they may or may not be we don't have a lot of choice over where we stay. The guesthouse is the only one in town that is licenced to take foreigners.

It feels a little bit like we are stuck in a David Lynch film . . . only weirder.

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