20 January 2009

The temples of Bagan

We've spent the last couple of days temple hopping the sights of Bagan.

On Sunday we hired a horse and cart for the day and headed out into the South, Central and Northern plains. Trundling around in a horse and cart is a great fun way to get around some of the more scattered sights on the plains. The cart also helps to provide some much welcome shade. We're doing this in the middle of the Myanmar winter and the temperature still reaches into the low 30's every day. It must be really hard going in the summer when it hits the mid 40's.

There are some problems when traveling at 1 horsepower that do not materialise when you have over 100 under your right foot. We had to stop at one point to extract a nail from the horse's hoof and were again plagued with a windy horse. Not sure what they feed 'em with out here!

Yesterday we headed over to Old Bagan and spent the day exploring the sights there on foot.

Rather than waffle on we thought we would just post a few pictures to try and give you a flavour of what it's like here. Although, due to our limited photography skills, it's quite hard to capture the scale and scope of the place.


  1. Beautiful pics of Bagan. Stumbled upon here researching on Laos and Myanmar. Enjoyed your travels and photos.

    I just noticed on your IT why you didn't include the Philippines on your travel? We have better beaches than Thailand. It's close to summer which is the best time to go. Hope you can make a detour here.

  2. Fantastic photos guys. You'll be after my job when you get home!
    Stay safe. Have fun. Much love from Jakarta :)