17 March 2009

Thean Hou Temple and KL Bird Park

On Sunday we headed to the Thean Hou Temple which is a beautiful Taoist/Buddhist temple situated on a hill about 3km South of central KL. The temple was incredibly ornate and gave great views over the city from its upper levels.

On the way out we passed through the temple gardens and came across their turtle pond. We have never seen so many of the little fellas in one spot . . . it was turtle mayhem!

After the temple we headed over to the Lake Gardens to go to KL Bird Park, which is the largest walk in aviary in the world.

Although the aviary itself was massive there wasn't actually a huge variety of different birds in there. It was still a fantastic afternoon out though and you could get really close to some of the birds. . .

. . . until some rowdy kid came shouting down the path and scared them off (or worse still try and poke them with their hand or shoe!)

Great entertainment was also provided by gangs of monkeys who were also roaming around the Lake Gardens causing mayhem by pinching anything that wasn't nailed down.

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