26 March 2009

More Jungle Excitement!

Well as Si is off up climbing Mt Kinabalu I have been left in charge of blogging! We had a fantastic day out yesterday at the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park and Botanical Gardens. We weren't expecting too much from the write up in the guidebooks but it turned out to be a great park, only 25km out of Kota Kinabalu town, but completely developed in a rainforest setting to show off the plant and animal species found in Borneo. We managed to get there just as they were feeding many of the animals a bit of an afternoon snack so it was a great opportunity for close up shots of all of the animals we had seen in the wild in the jungle at Uncle Tan's.

We had a bit of a surprise in the Botanical Gardens, as it is actually an area of the rainforest that has been laid with trails, so not only do you get to see fantastic plant species like the Pitcher plants, but we also had a surprise encounter with a snake on the loose. We didn't know whether to be a bit scared or really excited about seeing a snake in the wild! It turned out to be a harmless leaf snake but it was great to see, he was quite a pretty little fella.

And here are just a few of our other animal shots from the day.

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