16 March 2009

Little India and the Colonial Quarter

On Saturday we headed out for a walking tour of the Indian and old colonial districts of KL. We had hoped for a nice relaxing day out but had a bit of a rude awakening when we entered Merdeka Square, which is at the heart of the old town, and were met by a sideways traveling maxed up Nissan.

Unbeknown to us the square was being used as a venue for the KL X Street Games. The road along the square had been roped off and was being used by the local boy racer fraternity for a drift racing competition. The scene looked like a Vietnamese taxi drivers academy, cars belting around the place with smoke pouring from the wheels.

The field at the side of the square had 2 very different activities taking place, a netball competition and a thrash metal battle of the bands! It was a quite an unusual mix of people. We'd hoped to get some nice shots of the old buildings but it proved quite difficult what with the high speed vehicles and thrash metalers in the way.

To make matters worse we then got caught in a tropical rain storm and had to retreat back to the shelter of our hotel. I ended up heading back out today to get a few pictures in better conditions.

There has been a tropical storm every day that we've been in KL so far. It can be sweltering and humid one minute, then the next the skys darken, the thunder starts and it rains so heavy you can barely see across the street!

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