17 March 2009

Petronas Towers

The most iconic buildings in KL must surely be the Petronas Twin Towers. Standing at 88 storeys and 451.9 meters high they are currently the third highest buildings in the world after Teipei 101 and Shanghai WFC. Although the highest visitors are allowed is the 41st floor skybridge that links the two towers 170m above ground.

The buildings were designed by Argentinian architect Cesar Pelli and incorporate many Islamic features. The floor plan is based on the 8 pointed star and the 5 tiers of the towers represent the 5 pillars of Islam.

I've seen the towers many times on TV and have never been that taken by them. However, seeing them for real has changed my mind, they really are quite stunning.

Our favorite spot in the whole of KL is from the sky bar at the top of the Traders Hotel which gives a quite stunning view of the towers and the rest of town.

We've been to the towers a couple of times during the daytime but it has always clouded over and a tropical storm started. Hence all of the pictures look a bit gray and gloomy (can someone please show me how to use Photoshop?)

On our first visit to the Petronas Towers we also had a wander over to Aquaria KLCC. The aquarium there was stunning and featured some really unusual fish including a giant arapaima that looked about 6ft long and some quite ferocious looking sand tiger sharks.

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  1. well i write this after a miserable 90mins 5-0 loss to liverpool - still the great photos give me a big lift as have booked to go to Kuala Lumpur/Pennang later in the year.
    av fun