05 December 2008

The wisdom of the in flight magazine

I'm not really sure if the translator for Laos Airlines in flight magazine is having a laugh or if these are real sayings about the capital Vientiane. The first one is just a little strange "Who can say that Vientiane was in misery, my dear girl? It will be grown up as big as its last elephant cucumber". But surely this second one can't be right. "Whatever, Vientiane was burnt down and abandoned for more than 100 years. Old saying; Vientiane was abandoned and remained as a small hill of the wild dog's excrements".

The flight on Laos Airlines was certainly a bit quirky and not just for their in flight magazine. It was a fairly small plane and they served one of the best in flight meals we've ever had. We're not normally nervous flyers but this one put us both a little on edge due to the intermittent failure of the in cabin lighting and intercom throughout the duration of the flight.

You always hope in these situations that the flight deck is not experiencing the same problems! When we landed we made our way to the taxi rank and were given a ticket for the airport limousine service. Here's a picture of our limo . . .

We couldn't find the on board TV or drinks cabinet though.

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