23 December 2008

Koh Phangan

We eventually arrived in Koh Phangan after a bit of a nightmare journey. We left Bangkok at 9 in the evening on one of the overnight buses and arrived at the ferry terminal at 5am - I don't think I've ever seen Liz awake at this time before! At 7 we got onto the catamaran ride from hell. I never get sea sick but even this 4 hour journey had me feeling queasy at times. Liz along with most of the other passengers wasn't so lucky. When the boat was sat in the port the water looked as still as a duck pond , but as soon as we got out onto the water we were pitching and rolling like cork in a storm. Liz is going to look into how much it will cost to fly out because the crossing was that bad.

We staying at a lovely resort called Rin Beach Resort which is a little bit flasher that what we are normally used to but we thought we would treat ourselves and stay somewhere nice for Christmas and new year. It has a lot of bungalows that overlook the sea but our new found flashiness didn't quit stretch that far and we instead have a lovely little spot in a jungley garden. Here's our place and another picture of the resort from the pier on the beach.

We overlook sunset beach and have been able to watch the sun go down from the pool most evenings.

Five minutes walk across the peninsula takes us to sunrise beach which is packed full of bars and hosts the full moon parties. They have some amazing fire artists doing their stuff every night.

On our first night here they had a huge flaming skipping rope and were inviting the spectators to have a go. Liz and I kindly declined after one dufus managed to get hit by the rope!

During the day the beach is really laid back and a great place to catch some sun. We're currently working very hard on our tans!!!

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