27 December 2008

Koh Phangan Christmas

Since we arrived in Koh Phangan last Saturday we've been taking it easy and just relaxing on the beach and around the pool. On Christmas eve night there was a massive party on Sunrise Beach. About 10 different bars had sound systems set up and were hosting free parties. So we got ourselves some flashing Santa hats and joined the other five thousand odd revellers for some festive fun.
We had a really great evening watching and joining in as the chaos unfolded. As well as the music there where the fire performers who were holding a flaming limbo competition, which needless to say we didn't join in, loads of fireworks and other nonsense.

I even managed to get hustled at Connect 4 by a local girl on the beach! Big loss of man points that one. I fancied my chances as I was undefeated all afternoon at Pog and Kelly's wedding last year. I think the girl was using Jedi mind tricks . . . or I'd drunk too much Chang.

Unfortunately Christmas day itself was the wettest day we've had since we left the UK. We had a lovely sparkling wine breakfast (couldn't get any champagne) before we headed out to get some Christmas day tan action.

However our plans (and tans) had to be changed after about half an hour on the beach when the rain started. Thankfully it had stopped by the evening when we went out for our Christmas dinner. No turkey this year so we went Italian which was certainly a bit different. Then it was back onto the beach for more party action. This time there was a kick boxing ring set up where tourists who had been on training courses at the local gyms were having bouts. It was very entertaining . . . a little bit like watching Fight Club. The best fight that we saw was a blindfolded one where the contenders appeared to spend more time clobbering the ref than each other.

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