28 September 2009

Pokhara part 1

Pokhara is the gateway town to the central region of the Nepali Himalaya. The town is situated along the side of the Phewa Tal lake and is really picturesque. The are supposed to be some stunning views of the Himalayas from around Pokhara but because we're here at the tail end of the monsoon we only get the odd tantalising glimpse.

In between sorting out the last of our trekking gear, arranging permits and booking flights we've sampled a few of Pokhara's tourist attractions.

For some inexplicable reason the International Mountain Museum is located in a new building 5km from town in the middle of no where, a bit like Millenium Point in Birmingham. It was an interesting museum to visit but the displays looked a little like something that the local primary school had thrown together. The yeti display was unbelievably crap.

The yeti is the one on the right!

We also had a go at rowing an unfeasibly large boat around Phewa Tal lake. This proved quite hard work in the 30 degree heat and 80% humidity, not one of our better ideas!

Tomorrow we fly to Jomsom, a small village in the central Himalaya. From there we will do the Jomsom Trek, a week long hike which will bring us through part of the Annapurna range back towards Pokhara. We'll be keeping 'em peeled for any yetis.

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