14 September 2009

Generous measures on Gulf Air

We left Amman at the incredibly stupid time of half three in the morning flew to Manama in Bahrain for a brief stop over. Thankfully our fifteen minutes through Israel weren't spotted by the immigration officials and we were allowed to change planes.

The leg of the flight from Bahrain to Nepal passed in somewhat of a blur, for me at least. Not long after take off the stewardesses came round with the drinks trolly. I think that they must have known that the passengers were escaping from a Ramadan no alcohol zone and felt the need to provide much support, the gin and tonic that I was given looked like it was at least a quadruple. Then when the food came round shortly afterwords I was given another equally large measure.

The lack of alcohol intake during Ramadan, the unusually generous measures and having no sleep for two days then took its toll. I feel I should apologise to anyone who was on Gulf Air flight 260 yesterday and had to witness the sight of me zonked out with my trap open for a large proportion of the flight. I only woke up when I managed to dribble down my own arm. Liz never realised what a classy fella she's married!

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