02 September 2009


We've spent the last 3 days at a place called Bedouin Garden Village which is about 12km outside of Aqaba city centre.

The Red Sea coast South of Aqaba is touted as another top place for some underwater acton. And it may have been if it wasn't for the hurricane force winds that swept down the coast from the dessert, it was like standing in a hot wind tunnel. Within minutes of getting out the sea you would be bone dry. The biggest problem with the wind was that it really whipped up the water which made maneuvering through the narrow coral channels quite difficult. We ended up only being able to go in once for fear of being grated on the reef. It was a bit of a shame because the sea was a lovely and blue

Other than snorkeling and diving there wasn't really a lot else to do there. You could sit on the beach, trying not to be blown away, but it was a all a bit desolate and fairly horrid.

We ended up having to spend most of our time by the pool of our hotel, at least we were more sheltered from the wind there. That did present us with another problem though. One of the hotel staff, who bore a bit of an uncanny resemblance to Borat, spent most of his time dribbling at Liz in her bikini. Nice!

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