27 February 2009

Seeing your name in lights

I've always wanted to see my name in lights, I just didn't expect it to be at a ladyboy cabaret!
We thought that Anne was looking in need of some kathoey based entertainment so last night headed over to Patong to see the show at Simon Cabaret.

It was a strangely entertaining song and dance cabaret show featuring some convincing and not so convincing "female" performers.

It was all good fun although one "lady" appeared to have a bit too much padding on her hips giving her an uncanny resemblance to Biggles in his flying trousers!

After the show we headed into central Patong to have a night out on Bangla Street. I'm trying to think of a nice way to describe Bangla Street but am really struggling since it is a road that seems to consist entirely of go-go bars, (the infamous) ping pong shows and prostitutes!

We had a very entertaining evening sat at a street-side bar watching the world go by, trying to work out if the various punters realised when they were in the company of a lady without an X-X chromosome pair.

The toilet at the bar had a very peculiar list of instructions of what not to do in the bathroom. Please skip over the next picture if you are easily offended!
To get back to Kata we took a sawngthaew, essentially a boy racer styled, maxed up, open sided, Dihatsu Sooty van with two rows of seats in the back. It was like being on a really scary roller coaster as we careered our way up and down the hills of Phuket back to our bungalows.

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