25 February 2009

Hello Anne

After 16 weeks on our own we now have our first visitor from home joining us . . . say hello to Anne.
Anne flew in via Doha to Bangkok on Sunday and meet up with her friend Grat for an evening in the Thai capital before flying down to join us in Kata on Monday afternoon. She'll be with us for a fortnight while we take in Kata, Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Anne has very kindly been a bit of a mule for us and carried some much missed items from blighty over in her luggage. A Sunday Times for me, a copy of Heat magazine for Liz and most importantly some Maynards Wine Gums!
She also stowed away some little surprises for us from my nieces, Kira and Erin. Thank you very much girls . . . we have missed you loads too!

What with all the stuff she has carried for us and the 6 packs of Hob Nobs for Grat it's a wonder that she has had any room for clothes in her bag.

We had reserved a room for her at Cool Breeze Bungalows where we are staying at Kata but weren't sure if she would like it. After 16 weeks of mainly backpacker budget accommodation we weren't sure if our standards had slipped too far for someone fresh from the plane. Thankfully Anne has quite low standards so we are ok!

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