16 February 2009

Buffet Eyes

We've had some very entertaining evenings out since we started this little escapade of ours, but I can't think of many more entertaining that last Thursday evening at Matt's Joint Grill. There's no entertainment laid on at Matt's but there's nothing quite like an all you can eat buffet to bring out the worst in people!

Some of the feats of food balancing witnessed that evening were quite unbelievable as people (ok it was mainly men) tried to cram as much as physically possible on to their plates in one go. One bloke managed to stack nearly a foot high pile assorted cooked meat onto an 8 inch plate and manoeuvre it across a crowded restaurant without so much as the slippage of a greasy sausage from the meat mountain. He must have been great at jenga. Even Alan Partridge with his fabled 12inch buffet plate would not have been able to compete.

It was incredible to see. At one point I thought a guy across the room from us was about to collapse into a protein induced coma.

We had been looking forwards to having a burger but as most people were taking 6 at a time they were quite hard to come by. A little reminder for the folks out there . . . remember you can usually go up more than once!

They also had a really interesting price policy . . .

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  1. Are you sure these "people" are complete strangers? You're not talking about yourself now are you??