15 October 2008

Taking a little Jauntlet

A few weeks ago my Mom had asked if I could do a map for her showing where we where going and when. In this digital age that we are all living in I thought that there must be a better solution than manually drawing the route out on a map with a pen (an analogue map?). After various searches on Google I couldn’t work out how to do this without being some sort of software programming guru.

However; yesterday I accidentally stumbled across a blog called Full Hook Ups that is written by a couple called Bethany & Bill. They are travelling across the USA with their cute dog Billy in an Airstream Trailer (one of those big classic shiny beasts).

Here’s a picture of their fantastic Airstream . . .

Their Blog features a little interactive tool called Jauntlet which has been the answer to my mapping prayers. I’ve added a Jauntlet map for our trip on the left hand side of the Blog. It’s down there just below the Itinerary . . . go on take a look.

It works just like Google Maps - there are a few buttons on there that allow you to pan around, zoom in and out and to move forwards and backwards across our route. We’ll endeavour to keep it up to date with our itinerary so that you can see exactly where in the World we are.

I found Bethany and Bills Blog via the Delightful Blogs web site. It’s a nice place to find some of the better Blogs that are lurking out there in the internet web pipe.

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  1. Hi Simon! Bethany here... your friend in jauntlet journeys! We are so excited to watch your blog as you travel! I linked to you from our blog. We would like to take a similar trip at some point in the future so we hope to learn a little from your experience.

    Safe travels! Have a grand time!