10 October 2008

Green Dates and Packing

If you take a sneaky peak at the itinerary on the left hand side of the Blog you will see that more of the dates have gone green. We spent last night booking flights for the first few legs of our trip (we can thoroughly recommend Air Asia). It’s all now confirmed up to the 11th February 2009! We’re just waiting to hear from our friend Anne to see if she has confirmed her flights for coming out to see us in Thailand in February 09. Once that’s sorted we can then get the timing through to Singapore finalised.

We’ve had to plan the first part of the journey in quite a lot of detail . . . mainly because we are using Bangkok as a hub. This causes problems as you can’t legally enter Thailand unless you have booked a flight out. This combined with the Thai visa requirements (30 days max stay per entry with a maximum of 3 entries per 12 month period) means that the start of the trip can’t be too flexible.

We’ve also had a trial run at packing this week. It’s quite challenging trying to get all the things you think you may need for 15 months of your life into a 65 litre rucksack! Just how many pairs of underpants does a man need? Answers on a post card . . .

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  1. I'm sure that you were never that fussy about your pants when you were a lad!!! Back then even you made one pair last a fortnight!!!