13 August 2008

The Wonders Of The World Wide Web And The Sunday Times

When you’re planning a trip like this (or in fact any trip) the web is a wonderful resource. It just makes things so much easier to plan and arrange. A lot of websites now have review and feedback sections so you can get a real idea of other people’s thoughts on places before you book or go.

The daddy of the travel review websites is TripAdvisor and we use this a lot. However; you have to treat some of the reviews with a pinch of salt!

Some other great travel planning and booking websites we use are Opodo, Expedia and Travel Supermarket which are good general purpose ones for flights and hotels. More specific for flights are Sky Scanner (which has a great route mapping feature), Kayak and Airline Route Maps (does exactly what is says on the tin). For absolutely anything to do with train travel you just can’t get any better than Seat 61.

We also use a website that is set up and run by Lonely Planet (whose guide books are our favourites) called the Thorn Tree. Thorn Tree is a forum where all sorts of travel related information, issues, advice, hints and tips are discussed. It’s a fantastic knowledge base and if you can’t find a solution to a particular question you can post one yourself (no matter how obscure) and other users will answer.

We’ve even resorted to the Sunday Times news paper for advice and help. This was published last Sunday . . .

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