26 August 2008

Long Weekend in Venice

Si and I have just come back from a long weekend in Venice which was a birthday and wedding present from me to Si. We had a lovely time. The weather was great so we actually managed to see some blue skies and feel some heat from the sun for the first time in ages! We stayed in a great hotel called the Hotel Ai Do Mori. It is literally just behind St Mark's and we had the 'Painter's Room', Room 11, which has it's own roof top terrace with amazing views over St Mark's and the Bell Tower. It was quite noisy when all the various bells were rung nearby, but it all added to the atmosphere. We spent our days enjoying just wandering around the tiny alleyways and bridges around Venice and sightseeing along the way. The views from the top of St Mark's Campanile were amazing, the Doge's Palace was great and we really enjoyed the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. We didn't enjoy the journey from the airport by ferry, it took ages and was very choppy! We did however enjoy all of the lovely food - pasta, pizza and delicious ice-cream, good job we did so much walking to burn it all off. The next time we head off in November for the big trip we won't be coming back!

St Mark's Campanile (Bell Tower)
Detail of St Mark's frontage
Venitian Masks for Sale

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