07 August 2008

3 Months And Counting

Just under 3 months to go now. . . We can’t wait and are starting to make more and more preparations for the “big off”.

We’ve both been injected with various nasty things to prepare us for what the world can throw in our direction. Our final jab was for Yellow Fever last week. We went together for moral support as both of us have an irrational fear of needles. The injection itself wasn’t too bad but it’s had some delayed side effects on me. I’ve been suffering with a slightly mashed-up head for the last 3 days and it feels like my eyes are slightly too big for their sockets!!!

Our schedule which is shown on the left hand side of the blog is now falling into place and more of our friends are making plans to meet up with us in various locations. As Liz highlighted in the last entry Paul, Nic and Sarah might come out and see us in Koh Phangan for New Year. We're also planning to meet up with Anne when we are in Chang Mai. One of Anne’s friends Grat will be over there teaching English so we are all going to meet up for a couple of weeks. June and Brett have also said that they would like to join us at some point.

The big surprise though is that my Mom and Dad are coming out to join us in Singapore. They have never flown long haul before or been out of Europe. We’re really excited that they will be coming out to see us and experience somewhere that will be so different to anywhere they’ve been before.

Liz’s friend Allison, who’s currently living in Johannesburg South Africa, has also told us to look her up when we are there so she can show us around. She's also offered us sleeping space at her house, which is very kind of her . . . Although I think she may change her mind after she sees the mess we are in after 10 or 11 months of travelling!

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