30 October 2009

Mustaches and turbans

Yesterday we headed out to see the turban tying and mustache growing competitions at the Pushkar Camel Fair. It was one of the more unusual days out that we've had.

First up was the turban tying, where hapless westerners attempted to don the traditional Rajasthani head gear.

The competition was eventually won by Harold Bishop.

Then came the main event, even the security were getting in on the act!

With the crowd at fever pitch the mustachioed masters of Rajasthan entered the judging tent, making some last minute adjustments to their facial follicle furniture.

Each contender then took to the floor to display his wears (unfortunately there were no ladies entering this year).

Some how this guy won third place . . .

. . . more of a beard if you ask me. If it had been an Osama Bin Laden look-alike competition I could understand the high placing. The eventual winner was a Mr J.S. Chounan, whose mustache was unbelievably long.

He was a bit of a dark horse as he entered the arena with his prize winning growth tightly furled to the sides of his face.

However, when it was uncoiled it stretched about 10ft across the tent.

Oh yeah . . . we saw some more camels too.

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