01 October 2009

The Jomsom Trek - Day 3

We woke up in Kalopani and had some stunning views of the mountains when we had breakfast on the roof of our hotel.

We left the hotel at about 9am and immediately got stuck in a massive herd of mountain goat/sheep type beasties. It felt a little bit like we were about to be pushed into the knit-o-matic from Shaun the Sheep.

The scenery between Kalopani and Ghasa was spectacular and the highlight of the trek so far. The locals claim that this section of the trek is through the worlds deepest valley. Although the valley floor is at an altitude of about 2km, the mountains on either side (Dhaulagiri and Annapurna) are both over 8km high.

We had intended to stay the evening at Ghasa but arrived there a little early. Being as the going was good we decided to press on to Tatopani, which the guide we had downloaded from the internet told us was only another hour and a half away. It turned out to be more like 4 hours! By the time we reached Ghasa we had been walking for 8 hours solid and were more than a little sore.

The accommodation in Tatopani was pretty awful, not exactly the dreaded yak blanket on a dining room table, but not much better. The rooms at Trekker's Lodge had undecorated breeze block walls with a tin roof and leaky bathroom, it was a little like sleeping in a grotty shed.

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