28 August 2009

Excellent Egypt

We've really enjoyed our time in Egypt. There's loads to see and do and unlike sub-Saharan Africa it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to do it. The people are really friendly too, a bit too friendly in one instance. Ok so there's a lot of pestering from touts but at least it's all good natured and fairly harmless.

We've liked Egypt so much that we had planned on staying a bit longer. However; we miss-interpreted the visa information and thought that we had up to three months stay when we've only got one. It's a good job that the woman who runs Alaska Camp mentioned it in passing or we would have been in a wee bit of a pickle with the immigration authorities. As well as a hefty fine you also have to get a signed letter of apology from the British embassy!

So instead of staying for a bit longer we have to leave by the end of the month. Next stop Jordan, where things may go a little bit Indiana Jones at Petra . . . I've packed my hat and whip especially!

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