03 August 2009

Alright Giza?

We've spent today out on the Giza Plateau at the pyramids.

A visit to the pyramids will tick all of the preconceptions that you may have. It's hot, dry, dusty and full of people trying to flog you a ride on a camel or some rubbish pyramid themed souvenirs.

Despite the constant hassle from the touts it's still a pretty amazing experience. You don't get a lot of time to yourself. Here's Liz enjoying a few quiet minutes relaxing in the shade.

Even though the pyramids are the only remnant of the seven ancient wonders of the World the Egyptian authorities thought that the view would be complimented by the addition of the Solar Barque Museum which resembles a giant laminator.

You would struggle to design a building that would fit in less with it's surroundings!

The one thing that you don't realise before visiting the pyramids is that they are stuck right on the edge of the outskirts of bustling Cairo suburb of Giza. If you've been wondering what the sphinx has been stareing at for the last 4,500 years then look no further.

And they are not as big as you might think either . . .

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