20 July 2009

Cape Town to Cairo

One of the classic African travel routes is to go overland from Cape Town to Cairo. We're going to cheat a little bit by flying instead.

We had planned to fly straight to Kathmandu in Nepal when we left Cape Town. However, because we have cut short our stay in Africa it would mean that we arrive in the Himalayas smack bang in the middle of the monsoon.

In order to avoid the worst of the rain we needed to delay our arrival there by about 6 weeks. We had a bit of dilemma trying to decide where to go. It needed to be fairly cheap to get to from Cape Town, cheap (or at least cheaper than sub Saharan Africa) to travel round, cheap for onward travel to Kathmandu and have decent weather (we need thawing out after two weeks of camping in the African winter!). After much head scratching and internet searching we've finally plumped on a little diversion to Egypt and Jordan whilst we wait for the weather to clear in Nepal.

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