30 May 2009

Sirocco sky bar

Last night we eventually made it into the Sirocco sky bar on the 64th floor of the State Tower in the Silom district of downtown Bangkok.

6 months ago we were refused entry when the door whore took a dislike to Liz's 35 quid sandals and decided that they weren't quite flashy enough to allow entry. No such problems this time though dressed in her two pound fifty sparkly silver flip flops from Singapore!

The open air bar was fantastic and gave some stunning panoramic views of the city below, nearly as breathtaking as the price of the drinks.

We timed our visit there perfectly, just as we were leaving a light drizzle started to fall which sent the open air bars customer's running for cover. Unfortunately for us the drizzle turned into a full blown tropical downpour just as we set off across the city in a tuk-tuk. The open sided motorised tri-shaw didn't provide much protection from the downpour on the 20 minute ride back. We arrived back at our hotel feeling like we would have been drier if we had swam back up the Chao Phraya river rather than taking road going transport.

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