05 May 2009

Bali Heck!

We arrived in Kuta, a beach resort in Southwestern Bali, a week ago and for various reasons we haven't done a fat lot since we got here.

Our first problem was accommodation, the budget end of the market is somewhat tricky and this has meant that we moved through 3 different hotels (plus saw countless others) in our first 4 days. Our first hotel, although ok, was overpriced and so we decided to move on after 2 nights when they wouldn't negotiate the rates. Also it had a topless octogenarian sun bather who put us off our breakfast when she got her fried eggs out every morning.

The next place we moved to is typical of the budget end of the market in Kuta, lovely from the outside and around the pool but grotty in the rooms. We got seduced by the exterior, checked in, realised it was a filthy hole and checked out the following morning.

We're now staying in a hotel called Suka Beach Inn. When we first arrived we thought that it would be way out of our price range as it had lovely gardens, architecture and pool. We needent have worried though as it only costs 110,000 Rupiah a night (about £7) as the rooms are best described as a bit rustic!

At least it's (fairly) clean, we have a balcony with a view over the pool and it's a bit of a bargain as the £7 room charge includes breakfast for 2!

The main reason for our lack of activity has been sick note related, and we've each got a good excuse. Kuta is one of the best places in Southeast Asia to surf and we were itching to have a go in some more pleasant conditions than the freezing waters of North Devon in the English "summer". However; I have managed to pick up a surfing related injury before even getting on a board. Whilst swimming in the NO SURFING section of the beach I was skewered square in the ribs by some pillock who lost control of his board. This has resulted in me spending the last 5 days hobbling around like bit of a cripple.

To make matters worse Liz has picked up a dose of the lurgy, so we're both out of action and in need of some help from Dr Kildare. If we were horses we'd have both been shot by now!

Despite our ills we still had a nice time chilling out on the beach and by the pool with our surfing action on hold until further notice.

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