02 April 2009

Hello Singapore, Hello Mom and Dad!

On Tuesday (31st March) we flew from Kota Kinabalu on Borneo, back over the South China Sea to the island of Singapore at the Southern tip of the Malay peninsular.

We're staying in a really quirky hostel called Sleepy Sam's which is located in the heart of the Kampong Glam district in central Singapore. Kampong Glam is the Muslim quarter and the hostel is on a really atmospheric Arabic street in the shadow of the Sultan Mosque. It's particularly atmospheric when the muezzin announces the call to prayer (at dawn!)
Sleepy Sam's is by far the nicest hostel we've ever stayed in . . . but also the most expensive! It's very smartly decorated, in a great location with lovely atmosphere, but there are a few issues. Although we have a private room it does feel a little claustrophobic here; the room is really small, barely much bigger than the bed, and the dorm area which is just outside our room feels overcrowded. Also for 89 Singapore Dollars, about 40 quid, it feels a little overpriced, particularly when you don't have a private bathroom.

We arrived quite late on Tuesday evening so didn't get much chance to explore the city. Yesterday we made a mad dash around town to try and get our bearings before meeting up with my Mom and Dad at 7am on This morning.

Say hello Mom and Dad . . .
My parents have never flown long haul before so it's all been a bit of an experience for them. Particularly Dad who had the misfortune to sit next to the most annoying woman in the world for the 13 hours of the flight (and I don't mean my mother!!!).

After a some breakfast we headed out for a bit of a whistle stop tour of some of the main sights in town; Raffles, the Esplanade and Boat Quay.
No jokes about that fat bird from Cannock . . .

A quick beer then enhanced the jet lag effects for my parents and wiped them out for the afternoon whilst Liz and I made the most of the pool at their hotel!

And please remember . . .

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