15 April 2009

A Birthday In Singapore

I had a lovely day yesterday for my birthday in Singapore. We started the day with a little brunch party with my parents in our hotel room. We had champagne on ice (in a bin as our hotel wasn't posh enough for an ice bucket!), pastries, cake, some really ropey wine and even paper party plates! My parents also bought some birthday cards over from people back home which was really nice.

After sobering up we headed out for high tea in the Tiffin Room at Raffles Hotel.

It was a great afternoon where we all ate far too much and drank enough tea and coffee to float a battle ship.

We then had to say goodbye to my Mom and Dad as they flew back home after a their two week stay with us. We've had a great time with them and hope that they've enjoyed their time in Singapore and Langkawi as much as we have. Liz is now worried that they may have caught the travel bug and will be off buying backpacks once they get home!

We ended the day with a trip to the cinema to see the Nicholas Cage film Knowing, a film so appallingly bad it was actually quite funny. The film started off looking quite promising but then descended into something so absurd that M Night Shyamalan could have written it. Plus it had some really dodgy special effects in it too.

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