30 December 2009

Feet on the sand and hands in the air - must be Sunburn

As we've mentioned on a previous posting , the reason that we've come to Candoliom is to visit the Sunburn music festival. The festival takes place on Candolim beach and is billed as Asia's premier music festival.

It's a little bit like a mini Glastonbury only with more palm trees and less mud.

It's primarily a dance music festival and features a lot of international DJs including John 00 Fleming (the happiest man in dance music), Roger Sanchez (excellent as always), Armin van Buuren (dull), Sultan (an excellent Canadian DJ) and some bloke called Nick Rafferty from Lichfield.

We had a great time over the three days of the festival. The only down side was the usual festival problem of toilets, or in this case, the lack of. 16 toilets for 5000 people doesn't go . . . and neither could you without a long wait!

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