03 November 2009

More Pushkar

We've had a great time in Pushkar as there has been loads to see, at times it's been quite an assault on the senses. In addition to the mad mustaches, dancing and decorated camels, we've also seen lots of other strange, unusual and weird things.

We've seen some dancing monkeys, one of which was wearing a rather nice dress. However, I think the strangest animals we've seen have been the "mutant" cows which are paraded around town. This one particular beastie had 6 legs, with the extra pair sprouting out of the back of its neck!

In addition to all the domesticated and tame beats we've also had a few wild animal encounters. Liz nearly got attacked by some monkeys when she stood between them and their bananas and I've had my biscuits pinched by a chipmunk!!!

Because of the huge numbers of people that come to Pushkar for the camel fair it also attracts a lot of side show entertainment that will try and relive you of your money. We've seen snake charmers, magicians, con men, mystics, small children balancing on high wires and kids painted blue begging in the street.

There's also loads of sadhu's wndering about looking to give blessings or obtain alms.

Mixed in amongst all this is a fair spattering of even more strangely dressed people . . .

To finish, here's a camel in a hat . . .

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