17 June 2009

Not rushing back to Arusha

After just having got used to the luxury of posh safari accommodation we waved goodbye to to animals and headed back from the Serengeti to Arusha.

The last time we stayed here, 4 days ago, we were in the Impala Hotel as part of our safari deal. This time we're having to stay in somewhere that is more to our usual standards and now Arusha doesn't quite seem as nice!

The Impala was located in the nice leafy Eastern part of town. This time we are staying at the Arusha Centre Inn which is smack bang in the middle of the dusty town centre.

The room isn't too bad but still feels vastly overpriced compared to Asia. At least it's clean and we have hot water and the novelty of a TV. Although we've never before stayed in a hotel room where the TV is locked into a welded steel cage in the corner. Surely guests stealing TVs can't be that much of a problem and I'm sure that reception would notice you on the way out.

We're staying in Arusha for just 2 nights. After all of the early starts, long days and big distances that we've covered over the last few days we needed a day or two to recharge the batteries before the 9 hour bus journey to Dar es Salaam.

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